America's Top Gambler

About the Gambling Show - America's Top Gambler

America’s Top Gambler is a new, weekly television series about narcissistic, high rolling gamblers living their eccentric lifestyles while wagering their way to the title of “America’s Top Gambler.”

Set in various casinos with excursions to gorgeous mansions, country clubs, race tracks, sports bars, and poker rooms, Gamblers will place every type of bet known to mankind. The Gamblers compete in our daily competition, but also create their own bets, as they place prop bets whenever they desire.

Our gamblers have just 8 days to fight their way to number one. Each day, through a series of challenges, wagers, and games of skill and chance, the losing gambler is sent packing. Along the way, the fireworks and drama intensifies, as they are continually pit against one another and the stakes get higher and higher.

Every episode, the gamblers will play a variety of games and compete for money. A cadre of beautiful, (Hottest Host) will be on hand to provide these high rollers fun and entertainment as they compete for their top spot of America’s Hottest Host. They win the favor of the Gamblers with their charm, beauty and personalities, while attempting to deal them the winning hands. At the end only one host remains as America’s Hottest Host. 

Gamblers and Hosts are eliminated until only one is crowned the winner. 

Do you have what it takes to be “America’s Top Gambler” or “America’s Hottest Host?”

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